About Us

How do you pronounce Parlewe?

Par-lu. Par-loo. Par-lou. Those all work.

What does it mean?

It's an old English spelling for a term meaning a gentleman's haunt or stomping grounds. Parlewe is your happy place, your sanctuary, your hangout. Parlewe is about you doing you wherever that is.

Is it trademarked?


 What's the hippo about?

The hippo is confident in his own skin. He does his thing swimming all day and then stays up eating all night. He's also one of the most dangerous animals on earth but in a low key not to brag kind of way. He's humble. Mess with the hippo and get dead.  But leave him be and you'll be best friends.

You do you.  Parlewe will come along.

Parlewe was founded in 2017 to enable men to be themselves.  Whether you're into golf or the outdoors or tailgating or simply hanging out with friends, Parlewe just wants to come along.  We make comfortable clothing that fits well and enables you to be yourself.  You know you better than anyone.  We want you to be you, comfortably.

Parlewe exists for you to do you.
Can you wear Parlewe to play golf?  Only if you like birdies. 
Can you wear Parlewe to fish?  Of course. 
Can you wear Parlewe on the weekends? Duh.
Concerts? We don't see why not. 
Hiking? Not the worst idea we've heard. 
Tailgating? I mean, did we just become best friends?
Afternoon on the porch with some friends? Most definitely. 

YOU DO YOU. Parlewe will come along.