Southern Clothing Market 8/4-8/6




Hi there.  We're Parlewe.  From Charlotte.  And we're excited to bring the softest polo ever created to our first retail show, right in our home town.

You've come to this page because we think Parlewe would be a great fit for your store.  This isn't being blasted to everyone under the sun, because we don't want to be in every store under the sun.  We're about getting our inventive polos in the hands of people who believe in them, and retail spaces that are looking for new and different.  We think that could be you.


So if you want to come see our Spring 2019 Retail Line, please click below and make an appointment.  We'd love to get you on our calendar, because quite frankly, we have a lot of Netflix to watch.  So click the link below and come see us.  Or don't click and come see us anyway in Suite 616.  We will have drinks that will be reasonably priced for you.  We may even comp them. 


Because this is America.


See you soon - Adam & Chris.


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